Chantechaille Shades

Chantechaille is by far my favorite line of cosmetics.  All of their products are made from pure, natural botanicals, and the color palettes are gorgeous.  The limited edition Protect the Wolves eye shade trio consists of midnight black, timber wolf pale gold, and evergreen shades.  I love using this to create a smoky, more dramatic look for going out at night.  The trio on the right is one that I composed myself.  Among my favorites is a color called Peony.  It’s the perfect creamy, soft blush color to brighten under the brow or even wear alone with a touch of mascara for a “no makeup” look.  My favorite luxe eye duo is the Piazza San Marco because of the deep plum and silvery lilac tones.  If you have green/hazel eyes, this color palette will make them pop!

After applying the eye shadow that I’m in the mood for, or a combination of the bunch, I use Le Stylo ultra slim black eyeliner and the Longest Lash mascara.  The eyeliner glides on like a marker, so it’s really easy to achieve a sleek, clean look with the super slim point.  The mascara is absolutely amazing because of it’s formula that helps your lashes grow longer!  Also, it never clumps.  If you are new to Chantechaille and interested in trying any of these products… start with the mascara!

Of course, the finishing touch for any look is a great lip color.  Chantechaille lipstick is the first one I started wearing because it feels so smooth and silky on your lips, and I’ve been hooked ever since!  It also has a formula that helps them stay nice and hydrated.  Sari Rose is a my favorite natural-looking color, and Heirloom is the perfect pop of red that’s not too bright.  As far as a gloss, Lychee is a beautiful, soft pink!



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